(ATW) aims to enhance and share with the wider society best practices from the social and solidarity economy, both from Italy and around the world, contributing to raise awareness that alternatives to the mainstream is possible.

For this the ATW team aims to be a means for the internationalization of innovative knowledge and know-how, inspiring communities and individuals about collective solutions to local and global issues.

The ATW work is built on professional excellence and reliability. They aim to foster decent work while promoting democratic culture and sustainable human development, with the ambition to contribute to creating a world where social and economic cohesion and solidarity are the rule, not the exception. is committed to strengthen the ability of cooperatives, collectives, and social and solidarity economy organizations in general, to communicate their story of positive impact.

For this, operates by:

· transforming socio-economic research into participatory high-quality videos;

· carrying out research projects by adopting qualitative and quantitative methods;

· developing capacities of individuals and their organizations to effectively communicate their story and identity both internally and externally, through qualitative methods and digitalization;

· providing training and capacity development to universities and schools, development practitioners, and cooperators, among others.

The started as a project from the idea of Andrea Mancori and Sara Vicari, a couple who traveled the world to document innovative cooperatives. The around the world trip was carried out in 2019, in partnership with the International Co-operative Alliance and in particular with the Coops4Dev programme. In total, they produced 13 videos that tell stories of cooperatives from all the continents

About Cooperatives and .coop
The global Cooperative community has more than 1 billion members, representing 12% of the world’s employed population. All Cooperatives verify their identity when selecting a .coop web address. Your unique business identity is recognized online with a .coop domain name – your digital brand – a brand known for its economic advantages to its community, consumers, and members.

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