.creditunion Eligibility Policy

.creditunion is a restricted Top Level Domain (TLD) limited to registrations by credit union cooperatives meeting the .creditunion eligibility criteria set out herein.

A .creditunion registration or application must meet all the following eligibility criteria:

  • The registrant organization is a democratically controlled member owned credit union cooperative, consistent with the International 7 Cooperative Principles as defined by the International Cooperative Alliance;
  • Is a natural-person credit union;
  • Is legally domiciled in the United States and Canada; and
  • The requested or allocated .creditunion domain name registration(s) reflects thecredit union’s company name, trademark or a derivative(s) thereof.The .Creditunion registry, managed by DotCooperation LLC (“the Registry”) conducts audits of .creditunion domain registrations and reserves the right to cancel or modify a domain name in accordance with its policies. Refer to the Verification Policy to learn about how the audits are conducted.This Eligibility Policy may be updated from time to time at the Registry’s discretion. Any updates will be published at


Registry Contact

If you have any questions about this policy, please contact