.COOP Media Ambassadors


Get a buzz from social media? Passionate about spreading the co-op message? Then the .coop Media Ambassador Program needs you!

1. What is the .coop Media Ambassador Program?

DotCoop regularly assembles a social media-savvy crew – the .COOP Media Ambassadors – to tell the world what’s happening.

2. What does a .COOP Media Ambassador do?

The Media Ambassador Program aims to inform and unite people in the co-op world around the globe. Ambassadors will use their social media smarts to spread the co-op message far and wide.

3. How?


Throughout the year, events will take place which we want to shout about. As DotCoop and its friends begin to tweet and post, we’re calling on our Media Ambassadors to do their social media thing; Follow the dot and get the word out – post, re-tweet, share, like, repost and comment.

And if Facebook is your thing, get the message out there too.

Don’t forget to use the hashtags for the event!

Then, once the buzz is in full swing, you can even link up with the .COOP Media Ambassadors who are on the ground, at whichever event you are attending and increase the buzz.

It’s your chance to become a co-operative social media hero!

The Media Ambassador with the most likes, shares, re-tweets and hashtags during the ICA global conference event becomes the .COOP Media Ambassador of the Year  with your name up in lights across the web on our social media.

At the ICA Global Conference and Assembly we name a Media Ambassador of the year, they receive a selection of branded .coop products including high quality embossed polo shirt, a steel travel mug with lid, and a metal .coop branded pin!

  • In 2019 we got the global conference trending number #1 in Rwanda during the event.
  • In 2017 the Media Ambassadors got the global conference trending #1 in the UK and in the top ten in Europe and Malaysia!

Great work team!

4. How do I become a .coop Media Ambassador?

Signup right here!

    Once you’ve signed up, we’ll keep you posted on any developments in the Media Ambassadors Program and upcoming events.

    Sign up today and help get the cooperative message out around the world. We’re looking forward to having you on the team!