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Click to reload all stories CICrA Justicia Ambiental is a critical and applied research cooperative. We defend environmental justice in the current context of Co‑operatives UK is the voice for the UK’s thousands of independent co‑ops. As the voice of the UK’s co-operative Mission: BCMPC Building a strong membership base Creating Opportunities by providing responsive products and services Maintaining financial sustainability Patronized The story of the Mission, Vision & Values of the Compass NS organization: We sustain, build and grow inclusive Confederation of cooperatives of Catalonia In the face of common challenges, in the face of the needs of people, Windcoop operates container ships under sail, propelled for the most part by the energy of the wind , which is inexhaustible, CLIMBS Life and General Insurance Cooperative, established at Cagayan De Oro in 1971, is a leading LIFE & NON-LIFE History: We are one of the few truly independent co-operative retailers and sit at the heart of the communities On the merger of Sikkim with the Indian Dominion in 1975, the then Governor of Sikkim – Shri B.B.Lal The Federation of Work Cooperatives of the Argentine Republic -FECOOTRA- was established on May 29, 1988. It arose from Newfoundland & Labrador is home to an array of co-operatives ranging from grocery stores and markets to business solutions History:Spazio Famiglia is a cooperative society that operates in Amelia in the province of Terni in the field of

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