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Click to reload all stories Newfoundland & Labrador is home to an array of co-operatives ranging from grocery stores and markets to business solutions History:Spazio Famiglia is a cooperative society that operates in Amelia in the province of Terni in the field of History:POLLEN is a Cooperative of Activity and Entrepreneurs, located in Ardèche That allows you to create and develop your History:With roots reaching back to 1901, New Vision Co-op Serves more than 2,000 member owners in southwest Minnesota, northwest History: Land to Market Australia is organized by the Australian Holistic Management Co-operative Limited. It began at the 2016 History: The Local Crowd (TLC) is a rewards-based crowdfunding platform that specializes in funding for small businesses and organizations, History:Incita is a workers' cooperative co-founded by Laure Caillot, Amélie Côté and Mélissa de La Fontaine. Through the projects History:IHCO is an international organisation founded in 1996 that brings together health cooperatives. It is the health sectoral organisation History:Cinergies is a Greek social cooperative (5 co-funding active members) founded in mid-2016 whose purpose is to create and In Morocco, the work required to obtain local products, such as argan oil, saffron,… is almost exclusively female. Traditionally, History: In 1962, the U.S Agency for International Development undertook a study of cooperative development. From that study came We’re a collective of independent thinkers and makers helping charities, ethical companies, government departments and educational institutions with sensemaking

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