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Click to reload all stories Canada's voice for co-operatives and mutuals | Voix Canadien pour les coopératives et les mutuelles. CMC is national bilingual The Medicals Cooperative Multipurpose Society Ltd popularly known by majority as LASCOMED came into being in 1992 after some strategic pre-inaugural meetings The future is here. The future is cooperative. Space Cooperative Inc. is a worker-owned California Cooperative Corporation focused on Solstice is a generalist activities and jobs cooperative where a great diversity of profiles and activities come together. Three major Medha Dairy is an integral part of the Jharkhand Milk Federation. In March 2014, JMF joined hands with National Heart of England are an independent, regional co-operative society, known as the Heart of England Co-operative Society Limited. Their WHAT IS HOPSTERS’ MISSION?“To foster a community of beer lovers to connect, learn, create and have fun through beer.” At Stevia Hellas Coop we believe in Cooperation, Sustainability & Commitment. Together we grow better products and evolve faster. accelerates the growth and development of the next generation of scalable co-operative businesses by providing entrepreneurs with the EnerGreen Builders Cooperative located in New Brunswick, Canada, has six (6) member/owners, each bringing unique construction experience and skills. The Co-Op Bookstore at the University of Guelph (Guelph, Ontario in Canada) is a student owned and controlled cooperative, Reinblau cooperative has around 20 members spread across Germany. As a decentralized agency, they have a lot of experience working together in agile

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