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Click to reload all stories Central England Co-operative is a family of businesses include food stores, funeral services & florists. It is a regional consumer co-operative in Up & Go is cooperatively owned by professional home cleaners. We carefully select our partners through an extensive application Cooperative Network has a proud history of bringing together and strengthening the voice of cooperative businesses. The Minnesota Association Cooperative Business New Zealand is the industry body that unites and represents New Zealand’s diverse range of member-owned businesses. GCDA supporting communities to be healthy and sustainable since 1982. We aim to: To develop enterprises, which meet economic and The Farmers’ Platform. Putting Power in the hands of Producers, Co-ops & Co-op Associations. Agromovil is a mobile supply The United States Federation of Worker Cooperatives (USFWC) is the national grassroots membership organization for worker cooperatives. Our mission is (ATW) aims to enhance and share with the wider society best practices from the social and solidarity economy, FECOFE IS A BRIDGE BETWEEN THE AGRI-FOOD COOPERATIVES. We are a cooperative of cooperatives. We represent traditional agricultural livestock cooperatives The Dublin Food Cooperative's founding members met through the many anti-war and anti-nuclear demonstrations in the late 70s and Strengthening Communities through CooperationFood Co-op Initiative paves the way for New Food Co-op Excellence, leading to better fed, healthier In 1952, all Co-operative Associations in the old Western Region came together and formed an Apex body which was

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