Elevate your cooperative identity and community leadership with a .COOP domain name.

Your .COOP domain name represents your organization’s commitment to solving community challenges and demonstrating community leadership through cooperative values of self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, sustainability, and solidarity.
It signifies that your organization has been verified as a cooperative or cooperative support organization.

We verify four categories of organizations that make up the Cooperative ecosystem. Are you a democratically-controlled, member-owned organization consistent with the 7 Cooperative principles? An Association comprised of Cooperatives? An organization controlled by a Cooperative? Or an entity with an operation or practice area principally dedicated to serving Cooperatives? You may be eligible for a .COOP domain name.

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Elevate Your Cooperative Identity

Promote your cooperative identity, community values, and competitive distinction through our identity tools – the .COOP domain, the .CREDITUNION domain, and the COOP Marque logo.

Our global network of domain name registrars provide domain name sales, website development, website hosting, email, and online security products, along with local support. Select your local .COOP and .CREDITUNION registrars to get started. View the eligibility requirements for .COOP and .CREDITUNION domain names.


The .COOP Global Directory & Map

We launched the online COOP Global Directory to put cooperative organizations and businesses on the map, to promote their efforts, and bring about new participation and collaboration. The directory features both a map lookup as well as a search feature. Find a cooperative near you or any where in the world right from your desktop or smartphone.

The interactive .COOP Global Directory & Map provides a visual database of all verified cooperative organizations and their .COOP websites. All .COOP domain registrants are verified to ensure that the cooperative organization is guided by the Cooperative Principles and the values that they promote. Cooperatives are the original ethical business! Click on the map tab to get started or use the button below.


COOP Stories

We publish and promote many COOP Stories – learn about their history, their work within their community, and get links to their website and social media locations. We select cooperatives from around the world and share their story on our website and in our social media campaigns. You can submit your story to us for publication.

Our Media Ambassador program brings the power of social media influencers together to promote the cooperative community and the .COOP websites across the world that are leading the way with the cooperative identity.


The COOP Learning Hub

Our online learning tools provide Cooperatives and their members the opportunity learn and contribute more to the productivity and success of their organization.

The material has been produced in support of educational webinars and virtual conference events – and are available to download for self-paced learning.

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Our 7 Shared Cooperative Principles

A cooperative is an autonomous association of persons united voluntarily to meet their common economic, social, and cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly-owned and democratically-controlled enterprise. The cooperative principles are guidelines by which cooperatives put their values into practice.

Ethical 100%
Community Driven 100%
Fair 100%
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About Us

Unite and empower cooperatives online – our mission, our singular goal that drives everything we do.

Since 2001, DotCooperation has united the cooperative community through a shared online identity and platform where cooperative organizations can participate, inform, educate, and pioneer a path for others to join and support the cooperative movement.

We empower cooperatives to participate and thrive in the digital economy with identity tools and resources. Identity tools include .COOP domain names and the Cooperative Marque, and .CREDITUNION sector domain names. Resources include the .COOP Global Directory and the Digital Empowerment Learning Hub.

Every cooperative that uses a .COOP domain name as the primary address for their website elevates their cooperative identity, principles, and purpose. It unites the cooperative movement online with a shared identity. It transforms an organization’s value from a lone contributor to an active participant of a global online network of cooperatives.

DotCooperation is jointly owned by the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) and NCBA-CLUSA (National Cooperative Business Association-CLUSA International), two non-profit organizations with a mission to develop the global cooperative movement.