Become a .COOP registrar

Cooperatives identify themselves online through the distinctive .coop domain. The global Cooperative movement  comprises more than 1 billion members.

Who can become .coop TLD Registrar?

The .coop registry backend operator is CentralNic Plc

Therefore to become a .coop registrar you should:

  • Be an ICANN-accredited registrar.
  • Become a CentralNIC registrar and sign digitally the .coop Registry-Registrar Agreement, from your CentralNIC interface.

How much does it cost to become a .coop Registrar?

There is no charge for becoming a .coop registrar. However, you should check the terms and conditions in your contract with our backend operator CentralNic as you most likely to be required to maintain a deposit account with them.

Are there customizations needed to handle .coop registrations?

You should familiarise with the verification policy of the .coop sponsored TLD. The process for verifying .coop users is managed directly by DotCoop staff. However, it would be great to make you aware of it before you start selling .coop to end-users, especially as a registrar should know when to activate or delete a .coop registration upon verification of its registrant, or failure to verify. Please get in touch for the detailed documents on the verification process.

How do I find out more about becoming a .coop registrar?

Please contact dotCoop at
Alternatively, leave us a voicemail at +44-(0)1865-403136 with the nature of your query and contact details and and we’ll get back to you.