Allied Community and Co-operative Shared Services (ACCESS)

Allied Community and Co-operative Shared Services (ACCESS) is a shared service nonprofit co-operative specifically formed to provide professional administrative back-office support for civil society organizations, including co-ops, nonprofits, charities, childcare centers and social enterprises across Canada. It is an innovative, collaborative solution that fills service gaps and increases efficiencies, allowing civil society organizations to focus on what they do best.

In May 2021, the Government of Alberta provided the Alberta Community Co-operative Association (ACCA) funding through the Civil Society Fund. ACCA and its Executive Member Associations: Volunteer Alberta (VA), Econocoop and British Columbia Co-operative Association (BCCA), worked collaboratively to launch ACCESS. Their primary outcome is to build equitable access to qualified, co-aligned professional service providers through strategic collaboration with regional, provincial & national partners.

Our Board of Directors and Operational Team, comprised of provincial and national member associations, actively work to determine how to best combine critical corporate, legal and operational resources to share back-office infrastructure successfully.

Building a team of specialized service providers to share among nonprofits, co-ops, and social enterprises – reducing organizational pressures and filling operational gaps.

Our Vision
Collaborative and well-resourced nonprofit, co-operative, and social enterprise organizations strengthened through shared services.

Building collaboration and capacity in the nonprofit and co-operative sector through the development of a shared services model from which members can work together – smarter!

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