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American MainStreet Publications (AMP) collectively forms the 4th largest publication entity in the U.S., making it the largest media group serving the hard-to-reach rural market. With our combined reach of over 9.8 million households and over 29 million engaged readers each month, there is no other network of magazines as deeply entrenched into this non-urban market.
We enjoy an unprecedented bond of mutual trust and loyalty with our readership. Promoting community awareness within our pages and editorial dedicated to our readers’ lifestyles, it’s no wonder that 83% read 3 out of 4 issues and spend an average of 39 minutes per issue poring through our pages.

What is the New Rural Market?

It is a dynamic, hard-to-reach audience that grows in diversity and influence each day.

No longer just a farming community in sparsely populated towns and hamlets, the New Rural Market is rapidly evolving and transforming America’s heartland.

According to data from the 2017 Census Bureau annual county and metropolitan report, the U.S. population has experienced a revival of ‘suburbanization’ and movement to rural areas over the past decade not seen since before the Great Recession.  In fact, the population in AMP counties is growing 22% faster than the U.S. average over the past decade.

As young families, Millennials, and Baby Boomers, alike, migrate out of urban centers and into rural areas, new suburbs are emerging out of former farmland blurring the line between where urban ends and rural begins.  these evolving communities form the heart of the “new rural market”, filled with a unique audience that is significant, growing…

American MainStreet Publications is the largest group of consumer publications serving the New Rural Market.

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