This site is the home of DotCoop and, while you can find out a lot about us here, you can’t buy a .coop domain here.

You can, however, get your .coop domain from any of our selected ICANN-accredited registrar partners listed below. What’s more, they can also provide you with the full range of internet services you need to make the most of your .coop domain.

As the .coop domain is reserved exclusively for co-operatives and cooperative organizations, once you’ve applied for the domain, we’ll be in touch to confirm your organisation is eligible and take you through the verification process.

Find out more about eligibility and the verification process.

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Where to buy .coop logo

Owned by the International
Cooperative Alliance, we are the only ICANN Accredited Registrar dedicated to serving the co-operative movement worldwide.

encirca logo

Based in the USA and serving more than 6000 brand owners in over 120 countries, we specialize in domain name management and trademark protection.

epag logo

A fully-owned subsidiary of Co/OpenSRS, based in Germany, we offer domain registrations for more than 220 top-level domains. We accept .coop registrations using the CVC pre-verification code.

eurodns logo

Providing domain registrations for more than 800 extensions in Europe and as active participants in leading industry forums including ICANN and the International Trademark Association we aim to promote e-Commerce and wider Internet adoption.

firstserver logo

FirstServer is one of the leading web hosting companies in the Japanese market and has been providing total web hosting solutions since 1996. A full members of JPNIC we are the only certified .coop registrar in Japan.

gandi logo

Based in France, we manage over a million domain names in nearly 200 countries for a wide range of clients from individuals, associations and small companies, to public institutions and large multinational corporations.

goodluck logo

An accredited .coop registrar, we offer a full range of web services for Cooperative Societies in South East Asia with customer support in English, Hindi, Tamil, Chinese, Korean, German, and Spanish.

tuonome logo

Tuonome .it ® is an Italian company that has rapidly established itself in the field of domain name registration and internet services at an international level.

Based in Italy and authorised by the Registration Authority Italiana (IT-NIC) as well as the coop community.

With over fifteen years of experience providing international domain name solutions for tens of thousands of clients, 101domain is an established worldwide leader in domain management.

Domaintechnik ® , GmbH, is one of the leading web hosting providers and domain registrars in Austria.

An official registrar of .coop-domains, authorized by ICANN and dotCoop.

Blacknight is a 100% Irish owned and based in Ireland, ICANN accredited domain registrar and hosting company. Recipients of several awards for their revolutionary use of social media, Blacknight are one of Europe’s most cutting edge Internet companies.