Caja Buenos Aires

Caja Buenos Aires, S.C. de A.P. de R.L. de C.V. is a Savings and Loan Cooperative Society that was born on November 26, 1968, thanks to the idea and vision of 24 people from the Catholic Action of the Santa Cecilia Church in Monterrey, N.L., thus beginning the history of this great cooperative.

Through its over 50 years of life, the cooperative has gone through changes and transformations that have become benefits and improvements for members. Currently, the Fund has 37 branches strategically distributed in the 12 most important municipalities of Nuevo León and has extended its services to the State of Tamaulipas and Tabasco.

In Caja Buenos Aires, there are no clients, only members, who in turn elect representatives to play a managerial role, in which their main task is to keep the finances of the cooperative on track and inform all members each year, in the Ordinary General Assembly, about the work plans and budget of the same.

Our mission is to contribute to human development through the provision of financial and social products and services, strengthening the responsibility and dignity of the people involved with our Cooperative Enterprise.

Our vision:
Consolidate ourselves as a competitive Cooperative Company with human quality, which respects current regulations, through programs and support products focused on satisfying the needs of our Members, Managers and Collaborators.

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