Caja Popular León Franco

Caja Popular León Franco was founded on June 9, 1965, after having concluded the third stage of the missions in the City of Rioverde S.L.P., under the direction of Priest Juvenal Martínez Lara. The Society is named “León Franco” in honor of Father León Franco Cisneros, Director of the Mission.

The capital with which the cooperative began its operations was for the amount of $731.55 with a total of 43 founding members, who were mostly dedicated to cutting oranges. Initially, the cooperative provided its services in a room attached to the parish, in which it remained until January 12, 1977. Later, the address changed to rented premises on Hidalgo Street in this city.

With the passage of time and with the support material and morale of its partners, it was possible to build the first of its own premises, located on Madero Street in this city of Rioverde. The cooperative, with the support of its members, began to open branches that mostly occupied rented homes. The Madero branch was the main office until 1994 when the building located on Centenario Street in this city of Rioverde was acquired, where the Headquarters Office is currently located.

To be a Financial Cooperative Society, which meets all the expectations of the population through efficient resources and competitive excellence, with attachment to cooperative principles.

Mutual aid inspires the rest of the values and also the principles of cooperation. Helping is providing cooperation to those who need it and, in our case, it is reciprocal, waiting for the contribution of others because it has already offered its own. Mutual aid involves thinking about partners, being empathetic to their needs and aspirations, which encourages the spirit of service. That is why it opposes all forms of selfishness, the anti-value that induces the leaders and employees of the cooperative to procure only profits, personal or group.

We are a reliable Cooperative Society that provides products and services quality financial institutions, through committed staff, raising the level of life of our partners and contributing to the socio-economic development of the region.

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