.coop for Cooperative Developers

This is the page for the Cooperative development community where you’ll find
a growing range of collateral designed to help you introduce .coop to the cooperatives
you’re working with easily.

.coop Marqon Sigfiles

Here’s a range of .coop sigfiles to use in your email to help spread the cooperative message.

.coop Marqon Sigfiles

A range of .coop flashes to use in online collateral and on social media.

.coop banner EN for WEB

.coop banner FR for WEB

.coop banner FR for WEB

.coop banner EN for PRINT

.coop banner FR for PRINT

.coop banner SP for PRINT

.coop: video – The dot that says a lot

Promo video for global use.
Other formats and translations available.


.coop Mythbuster

For some, getting a .coop domain is seen as difficult, expensive or
disruptive. Here are some answers to those concerns;

It’s hard to register a .coop name
It’s easy! Just go to www.coop find the name you want using the name checker on our home page and then buy it through one of our .coop accredited registrars. It’s quick too – you can register your new .coop domain in less than 10 minutes.

A .coop domain means I have to stop using my current one
You can use your existing domain and your .coop name together. Both domains can direct to your website. It’s like a store with two doors, creating more traffic! No one coming to your website from your .coop URL will see any change, except they will now see that you’re a co-op!

To use .coop I have to change my existing URL to .coop.
Domain names can be used in parallel. For example, you can find google from google.com but also google.fr, google.co.uk etc.

To use my new .coop I must re-brand.
There’s no need to do a major re-brand to use a .coop domain. Redirect new .coop URLs to existing locations. Then over time, change existing references in your collateral to .coop. Easy.

I should only consider .coop if I have a website.
If you don’t have a website yet, use your .coop just for email; still the most powerful and cost-effective way of getting your brand in front of 3.7B internet users. Or use it for your social media.

A .coop domain is more expensive than .com.
There are now over 120 million .com domains. And, as with any real estate – a domain is, after all, online property – anything desirable is expensive. Even marginal .com domains now sell for five-figure amounts. So, if you don’t already have one, or are happy with a long, meaningless domain name, the chances of finding a memorable and yet affordable .com for your business are slim. On the other hand, as .coop domains are strictly reserved for co-ops, it’s likely you’ll be able to register the name you want, or a great variation of it.

The bottom line.
If you’re looking for real return on your marketing investment, then a .coop domain is by far the best value for money.

The .coop Social Media template

Examples of the our branding in for social media.
The content can can be customized for your  audience.