The Central Union of the Russian Federation.

Consumer cooperation since 1831 has been helping its shareholders, which today number more than 1.5 million, to produce, store and sell their products. Consumer cooperation has its own system of cooperative education, in which 70 thousand students study, and provides a number of social and domestic services in remote and sparsely populated areas of Russia.

The Central Union of Russia is a socially-oriented system of economic development within territories, providing employment, establishing stability in society and developing regional infrastructure. The structure of consumer cooperation in Russia includes voluntary associations of consumer societies and unions of consumer societies of various levels, the hierarchy of which is headed by the Central Union.

The formation of the structure of the cooperative system occurred at the beginning of the 20th century on a territorial basis. Today, it includes 2,300 consumer societies from 71 regions of Russia, which unite 111 regional consumer unions and over 1,500,000 shareholders. Consumer cooperatives provide goods and services to residents of 89,000 communities across the country.

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