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Embrace the Cooperative Principle #5 – Education, Training, and Information

Our online learning tools provide Cooperatives and their members the opportunity learn and contribute more to the productivity and success of their organization.

The online learning material has been produced in support of educational webinars and for our partner associations – as plug-in content for their virtual conference events. The material is available here for your own self-paced learning.

Educational Presentations

Online brand development for Cooperative Development Association Members. Learn more about the value of a .coop domain name to build your unique brand online as a Cooperative. View View presentation.

Online brand development for Cooperative Startups. Learn more about the value of a .coop domain name to build your unique brand online as a Cooperative. View presentation.

Domain Services Best Practices. Do you know when your domain name registrations and website hosting services expire? Do you know who in your organization will be notified to renew or discontinue these services? Learn about the best practices in managing all of your domain services accounts. View the recommendations.


A Guide to Cooperative Identity Tools and Resources 2021. Are you interested in making the most of the Cooperative Identity? Heard about the .coop domain and the Marque but unsure where to start? Watch this quick video to get an idea of what to apply for, and where to find it on the website.


Elevating Our Identity: Cooperative Awareness and Tools


An Introduction to DMARC. Stay one step ahead of email spoofing, fraudulent emails sent using your email address. DMARC brings new features to the world of email, and is aimed at solving the problem that has plagued email from the very beginning: Is this piece of email real or is it just a really good fake? Source: Dmarcian.


.COOP Global Directory and Map: Quick Guide. By registering a .coop domain name, you gain an entry in the .coop global directory and map – to build public awareness of your organization. Get the step by step tutorial on how to use the directory.


An Introduction to Running a Virtual Event. No longer able to engage your Cooperative members with in-person events and meetings? Use virtual events to stay in touch and create more value for your members.



Supplement: Learn more about the cooperative movement


Cooperatives are businesses owned and managed by and for their members. Members can be customers or employees. What makes a co-op different to a shareholder business is that each member has a say in how the business is run and gets a share of the profit.


What is a Co-Op?

What is a Housing Co-Op?

How a cooperative model works in the Philippines

Steps to creating a cooperative in the U.S.