Caja Popular Mexicana

We are a proud Mexican savings and loan cooperative, whose engine is our more than 3 million members. For more than 69 years of service we have contributed to the improvement of the quality of life of our members; offering cooperative and financial education services that promote the living of our values, in addition to the responsible use of savings, credit and investment services.

Our vision is to consolidate our leadership as a savings and loan cooperative through competitive, personalized, accessible and timely financial solutions that boost the economy of our members and the communities in which we operate.

Our values:

Mutual help

Demonstrate with the facts the commitment to serve others, assuming the attitude of participating cooperatively and joining forces to achieve results that would be unattainable individually.


Comply with the commitments made without waiting for someone else to do what is right for you; recognizing and accepting the consequences of actions and decisions.


Recognize the scope of individual opinion in decision-making , abiding by the authority of those who have received it by choice or delegation.


Avoid privileged treatment of people based on their social position or investiture, avoiding the request and granting of special favors.


Provide the same opportunities , conditions and treatment to people regardless of cultural, social or gender differences.


Think of the common before the individual, committing to the rights of people regardless of their cultural, social or gender condition.

Somos una cooperativa de ahorro y préstamo, orgullosamente mexicana, cuyo motor son nuestros más de 3 millones de socios #AquíPertenecesCPMDurante más de 70 años de servicio, hemos contribuido al mejoramiento de la calidad de vida de nuestros socios, ofreciendo servicios de educación cooperativa y financiera que fomentan la vivencia de nuestros valores, además del uso responsable de los servicios de ahorro, crédito e inversión.

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