Quebec Council for Cooperation and Mutuality (CQCM)

Founded in 1940, the Quebec Council for Cooperation and Mutuality (CQCM) is the democratic body that Quebec cooperative and mutualist networks have created in order to fully develop their potential.

The mission of the CQCM is to participate in the social and economic development of Quebec by promoting the full development of the Quebec cooperative and mutualist movement, in accordance with the principles and values ​​of the International Cooperative Alliance (ACI).

To achieve this mission, he:

  • organizes consultation between the cooperative and mutual sectors and with their partners;
  • represents and defends the interests of the entire Quebec cooperative and mutualist movement;
  • promotes cooperative and mutualist development in order to multiply the beneficial effects of cooperation and mutuality for its members and the population;
  • Promotes the values ​​of cooperation and mutuality to the general public;
  • Supports the development of cooperative and mutualist skills with cooperative and mutualist networks and educational institutions.

The Foundation of the CQCM

In the 1930s, Father Georges-Henri Lévesque returned very impressed from a trip to Europe. The results of the cooperatives in Lorraine and Belgium give him ideas of greatness for Quebec. Back home, he began to bring together all Quebec cooperative organizations under one roof, for common action. He met them in turn and launched the idea of ​​a summit on neutral ground at Laval University. In a surge of solidarity, all accepted without exception. A few months later, in 1940, the Superior Council for Cooperation was officially created.

In 2015, to continue to be solid and to develop further and, for the first time in its history, the cooperative and mutualist networks adopted a very first integrated development plan, the Strategic Plan of the Cooperative and Mutualist Networks of Quebec in a 2020 perspective.

Our Seats

  • Membership of CQCM member networks
  • Sustained and efficient intercooperation
  • Contribution and accountability to the achievement of our ambitions
  • Sharing practices
  • Strengthening our skills and expertise
  • The management and animation of the plan by the CQCM, supported by all the cooperative and mutualist federations of Quebec and the regions.

Our Ambitions

  • Creation of 20,000 net cooperative and mutualist jobs by 2020, including 5,000 in Montreal.
  • Revenue growth of 7% per year to reach $ 45 billion.
  • The social and economic benefits which progress will be measured.

A Vision Based On Interco-operation

In 2020, cooperative and mutualist networks, thanks to intercooperation, will be a strength recognized by their partners, members and community decision-makers.

Four Major Orientations

  1. Sustainable and profitable growth
  2. Partnerships for development
  3. The expertise of the groups and the shared services of the Consortium of Cooperative Resources and Expertise (CREC)
  4. Proactive intercooperation and modernized governance

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