About Our Directory Services

In 2020, we partnered with the worker cooperative  Digital Commons Cooperative to develop our combined directory and mapping service for cooperative organizations. Our key reasons driving our development:

  • The need for authentic cooperatives to become more visible in their community and to connect with other cooperatives and support organizations.
  • The need for the public to know of and easily locate and do business with authentic cooperatives in their community, discovering them from their smartphone or desktop.
  • To encourage cooperatives of all shapes, sizes and from every corner in the world to take part in building the most comprehensive digital directory of the cooperative movement, simply by registering their .COOP domain for authentication and inclusion in the directory.
  • To provide an open and transparent process to the global cooperative community to determine if a cooperative or cooperative support organization has lost its eligibility status (verification required for admission).

That same year we completed the development and launched our online COOP Global Directory & Map to put cooperative organizations on the map, to promote their efforts, and bring about new participation and collaboration. The directory features both a map lookup as well as a search feature. Find a cooperative near you or anywhere in the world from your desktop or smartphone.


Expanding Our Impact

Since its launch, the COOP Global Directory & Map has become a model for member directories and maps. Our partnership with our partner Digital Commons has evolved and we began developing a directory & mapping platform, targeted for use by National Apex Coop organizations, Sectoral Cooperative associations, and other cooperatives with large member databases.

In early 2023, our Directory & Map project COOPs Connect started, with the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA), the National Cooperative Business Association (NCBA-CLUSA), and Co-operatives UK. The development and deployment of the Directory & Map for these organizations will prepare us for launching our new Open Directory & Map service to cooperatives and cooperative associations around the world. Read more about  COOPs Connect.



Get on the map, promote your organization’s efforts, and bring about new participation and collaboration.


View the COOP Directory & Map