The Drivers Cooperative

We are a driver-owned ridehailing cooperative in New York City. Drivers make more on each trip, all profits go back to drivers, and drivers have democratic control over the decisions that affect their lives.

Our mission is to end exploitative conditions in the for-hire vehicle industry through system change– putting drivers in the driver’s seat of the platform economy.

Change is urgently needed. In New York City, our competitors- Uber and Lyft- run on the exploited labor of a 91%-immigrant workforce of 85,000 drivers. They push drivers into poverty by taking a commission of up to 40% on each trip, externalizing the cost of vehicle purchases, insurance, maintenance, and the risk of doing business onto workers, and misclassifying drivers as independent contractors in order to avoid paying at least minimum wage and providing benefits and basic employment rights. Even before the crisis, over 70% of drivers had less than $1,000 in savings, a reflection of New York City’s deep racial wealth gap and the predatory structure of the rideshare platform economy.

That’s why The Drivers Cooperative has launched a new platform, owned by the drivers. For better pay in the short term, and a just, green transition of the industry in the long term.

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