What happens when a domain name registration expires?

When the expiration date is reached, the domain will soon stop being active and the website or any emails associated with the domain name will stop being accessible.

There is a renewal grace period of 45 days with .coop. This means that even if your domain name expires it will still be available for you to renew within 45 days, at the regular renewal fee set by your registrar.

What happens to my name after expiration? Can I get it back?

Your domain name will be accessible for you to renew via your registrar’s interface during the 45-day  grace period. You can renew, transfer and otherwise continue to maintain your name after expiration, although it cannot be actively used until it is renewed.

At the end of this 45-day renewal grace period if your domain is not renewed it will enter a 30-day redemption period. Note that a registrar may charge you an additional fee for restoring your domain -i.e. for renewing it within the redemption period- on top of the regular renewal fee.

Finally, if after the 30-day redemption period the domain name is not restored/renewed then it will get deleted at the end of a 5-day period. Deletion of a domain name means that it becomes available again for registration by another eligible organisation.

You can of course re-register your name after its been deleted, if it has not been registered by someone else.

What is the Add Grace Period for .coop domains?

The registry allows for a 5-day grace period on new domain name registrations. During that 5-day period, a refund will be given to the registrar for any domain deletions. After that time, no refunds are provided by the registry. Registrars may have different policies on refunding domains within the Add Grace Period, these will take precedence and they will be in accordance to the registration agreement between the registrar and the .coop registrant . Please check directly with your registrar on their policies and procedures for grace periods.

What is the Redemption Grace Period (RGP) and is it available on .coop domains?

The Redemption Grace Period (RGP) allows registrants to have an additional time period to renew a domain name that has expired. The Redemption Grace Period for .coop names is 30 days.