Who sets the eligibility criteria?

DotCooperation sets eligibility policies for registration for the .coop and .creditunion TLDs. Eligibility criteria are specified in the Eligibility Policy.

How will DotCooperation ensure that only eligible organizations purchase domain names?

DotCooperation will validate that all registrants meet the eligibility criteria for .coop and .creditunion using information from co-operative membership organizations, from online research, from documents or contact references supplied by the registrants that would prove their eligibility.

Can an individual purchase a .coop or .creditunion domain name?

Individuals cannot purchase a .coop or .creditunion domain name. Domain names can only be registered by an eligible organization. However, an individual’s name can be registered and indeed there are examples of individuals in the co-operative movement who are using a theirname.coop, to blog about the co-operative movement and their contribution to it. Such individual name registrations can only be made by a cooperative or other eligible organization affiliated to the individual and with their permission only. Please contact us at support@identity.coop with any questions on eligibility for such special domains.

What happens if my registration is determined to be ineligible?

You will be informed of an appeals process if you feel this determination was made in error. You will have 30 days to initiate the appeals process. The names you have registered will remain in reserve until any appeals process is completed.

If you are determined to be ineligible for a .coop domain, you will forfeit the entire registration fee and the names you have purchased will be released from the reserved name system.

If you are not sure that you are eligible, please contact the registry at support@identity.coop to confirm your eligibility.

What happens if an eligible registrant becomes ineligible?

If an eligible registrant becomes ineligible to hold a .coop or .creditunion name because of demutualization, dissolution of the co-op or other means, then the registrant should notify DotCooperation within 30 days and the name will be revoked. DotCooperation will also move to revoke names if notified by this change by outside parties using the standard verification process. Domain registrations by ineligible businesses or individuals will be revoked once the Verification Process is completed.

What is a “majority owned” business in terms of eligibility for .coop domain names?

A business must be at least 51% owned by a cooperative or cooperatives in order to be eligible.

Are mutual insurance companies eligible for .coop?

Mutual insurance companies that operate on a cooperative basis are eligible for a .coop domain. Eligibility is determined on a case-by-case basis. Please contact support@identity.coop for more information.

Can we buy a .coop domain name if our co-op is not fully organized?

Yes, you can purchase a name for your co-op as it is being formed. DotCooperation recognizes the need to create your Internet identity as an integral part of the start-up of any company in today’s world. However, DotCooperation reserves the right to review your eligibility after an appropriate time and revoke your .coop domains with no refund if the organization that is created is not eligible as defined by our Charter. Generally, DotCooperation reviews such registrations within four to six months of registration.