Can I get a refund if I cancel my registration?

That depends on the terms and conditions of your registrar, where you purchased your domain name from. DotCooperation allows registrars up to a 5-day grace period for new registrations. The cancellation of any transaction and refunds are handled strictly by your registrar.

Renewals and transfer payments cannot be refunded.

If my organization is determined ineligible for registration in the Verification Process, will I receive a refund?

If your name is revoked because you are ineligible for a .coop or .creditunion registration, you will not typically be refunded the registration fee.  Please review information on your registrar’s web site about refund policies. For further information, please contact

What happens if an eligible registrant becomes ineligible?

If an eligible registrant becomes ineligible because of demutualization, dissolution of the co-op or other means, then the registrant should notify dotCoop within 30 days and the name will be revoked. DotCooperation will also move to revoke names if notified by this change by outside parties using the standard manual verification process.

Domain registrations by ineligible businesses or individuals will be revoked after the Verification Process is completed.

What is the Add Grace Period for .coop and .creditunion domains?

DotCooperation allows for a 5-day grace period on new registrations. During that 5-day period, a refund will be given by the registrar. After that time, no refunds are provided. Registrars may have different policies that may take precedence based on your registration agreement with the registrar. Please check directly with your registrar on their policies and procedures for grace periods.

Can we buy a .coop name if our co-op is not fully organized?

Yes, you can purchase a name for your co-op as it is being formed. DotCooperation recognizes the need to create your internet identity as an integral part of the start-up of any company in today’s world. However, DotCooperation reserves the right to review your eligibility after an appropriate time and revoke your domain with no refund, if the organization that is created is not eligible as defined by our Eligibility Policy. Generally, DotCooperation reviews such registrations within four to six months of registration.