The Federation of Work Cooperatives of the Argentine Republic -FECOOTRA- was established on May 29, 1988. It arose from the unification within the democratic framework of cooperative thinking and the ideas of the working class, at a time when the general decline of the The economy was making itself felt, unemployment was growing, production was falling and inflation was increasing at exponential rates as a result of a deep economic crisis and a large external debt. 

In this framework, FECOOTRA was born seeking to represent and defend the rights and interests of workers associated in work cooperatives. At FECOOTRA we work every day so that our associated work cooperatives constitute much more than an economic means of subsistence. 

We aspire for these to be the mirror in which workers can observe how a company managed by its protagonists is being built, that they live the experience of owning their own source of work and demonstrate that they can manage it efficiently.

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The global Cooperative community has more than 1 billion members, representing 12% of the world’s employed population. All Cooperatives verify their identity when selecting a .coop web address. Your unique business identity is recognized online with a .coop domain name – your digital brand – a brand known for its economic advantages to its community, consumers, and members.

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