Founded in 2008, Fluïd is a Cooperative and Participatory Company (SCOP) specializing in glass blowing which offers high-end decoration and tableware products.

It is a production of small series, and unique, tailor-made pieces created from traditional and traditional glasswork. Our workshop is based in Belle-Île-en-mer , a small island on the west coast of Brittany, taking part in local life and in the cultural and economic wealth of the island.

Isolated from the madness of the world, our glassmakers have complete creative freedom and can focus on creating unique products.

Fluïd is dedicated to the world of decoration , lighting and tableware . Each piece is made by hand and mouth blown. The universe brings within a place, an elegant and colourful atmosphere.

A full-fledged actor in craftsmanship, Fluïd wishes to make each moment of sharing an enriching experience blending the beauty of art and design.

The works produced by Fluïd harmonize to create a modern and refined space. The transparency of the glass mixed with the intense colour create a unique atmosphere, playing with the material that reflects the light, creating coloured shadows that come alive.

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