Food Front Cooperative Grocery

In 1972, a group of neighbours in Northwest Portland joined together to sell groceries out of a little store on 23rd Avenue. Their mission was to provide their community with a place to buy good quality groceries that couldn’t be found in regular supermarkets.
Even though this first grocery store was small, the impact of people coming together to provide for themselves, and their community was immense. Over the year our store has moved a few times, is now owned by over 10,000 people, and is still committed to providing the finest quality wholesome foods for our community.

Food Front Cooperative Grocery helps to connect members of the co-op and the public to an alternative supply chain built upon the seven Cooperative Principles. Food front Cooperative aims to be thriving, sustainable cooperative grocery store in which all are welcome and remains free of all forms of discrimination. Membership is voluntary. 
Food Front Cooperative is owned by its members. Members help to shape cooperative policy and elect representatives that are accountable to the membership. Members have voting rights defined as one membership, one vote. As a thriving cooperative business in the heart of Portland’s Northwest District, Food Front promotes and builds long – term relationships with local producers and vendors, allowing vendors sustained representation in the marketplace ensuring local products remain abundant. Food Front strives to be healthy and affordable.
Food Front is committed to an open, approachable, and inclusive workplace that priorities care for employees. Management aims to hear and be responsive to employee’s needs, incorporating feedback into workplace policies and practices while having open – book management. Employees shall have access to timely information.

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