Heart Of England Cooperative


Heart of England are an independent, regional co-operative society, known as the Heart of England Co-operative Society Limited. Their origins go back to 1832, when the Lockhurst Lane Industrial Co-operative Society was founded, near Coventry. Their current name came into being in January 2000, after more than 185 years during which more than twenty local, independent co-operative societies joined together to pool their resources.

Their vision is to be an innovative regional business, always seeking opportunities for profitable growth, whilst demonstrating that a retail co-operative society can bring genuine benefits to local customers, members and communities.

Their Mission as a consumer co-operative is to provide good value for money through a range of shopping facilities and services. Their trading practices are based on a combination of sound co-operative business ethics and the need to trade profitably. They will always seek ways to share their success with their members and the local communities in which they trade.

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