Jazz.Coop provides opportunities for people to listen to, learn and play jazz and related music.

Primarily we do this at The Globe, our venue in Newcastle upon Tyne. The Globe hosts over 200 live events a year including 60 jazz gigs. Most jazz gigs feature local musicians and we host national or international jazz artists on tour at least once a month.

We run a full programme of workshops and courses for adult musicians. Most of them are about jazz and there are some folk courses and some non-genre-specific courses.

We host several regular jam sessions (jazz and folk) for musicians of different abilities. Bands can also hire rooms at The Globe for rehearsals. The Globe is a place where musicians can share and develop their skills in a supportive environment.

Jazz.Coop is owned and democratically controlled by its members.

Any person or organisation that agrees with our objectives may apply to buy shares and become a member.

We’ve got over 230 members, who elect a board of directors to manage the business. The directors are volunteers and do not get paid a salary. There are also several working groups of volunteers set up to help with specific tasks such as programming, promotion, hospitality, maintenance and finance. We employ some staff to take care of the day-to-day running of The Globe.

Jazz + Coop = Innovation

In our brief history we have always sought to try and develop new ways of doing things, including:
• Setting up a cooperative to support jazz
• Buying a pub to create a coop music venue
• Running women-only jazz workshops
• Enabling musicians to perform and earn during lockdown
• Pioneering the hybrid livestream/in-venue future of live performance

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