Kongsi Co-op


Established in 2022, Kongsi Co-op has been striving to build a harmonious three-folding society through its vision, missions, values, and principles.

Kongsi Co-op started humbly with a group of concerned consumers who wanted more organic and biodynamic products and services to fill the community’s needs for quality local supplies. Kongsi Co-op has since been looking for the optimal operating model to fulfil their daily grocery needs. Kongsi Co-op hopes to reach out to more producers and consumers who share the same values and favour supporting the local circular economy.

Kongsi Co-op connects people, soil, and nature to co-create a harmonious ecosystem.

Kongsi Co-op is concerned with relationships and community building as much as with factors of production, consumption, distribution, workforces, social well-being, environment ecosystem, and finance. Relationships here include not only our relations to fellow human beings but also to mother earth’s nature. We believed in this production side of an economic life that is imbued with social responsibility.

By collating eco-friendly and safe products or services and operating in a co-purchase mode, the profits generated will be utilized for both member and community development, thereby achieving a co-winning circular economy.

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