Medford Food Cooperative

Medford Food Co-op is a community-owned grocery store and café located in the heart of Southern Oregon. As a cooperative, the business is owned and managed by local people who patronize the Co-op, and our profit remains here in the Rogue Valley with our owners.

Medford Food Co-op exists to sustain a vibrant, healthy community and a thriving local, organic food economy. We feature organic produce from local farms throughout the growing season, and offer a variety of local and regional products throughout the store year-round. Discover affordable organic and natural products in our Co+op Basics program, as well as weekly Fresh Deals and bimonthly Co+op Deals for even greater savings.

The grassroots effort to create a food co-op in Medford, Oregon started in 2005 and Medford Food Co-op was officially incorporated in 2006. Like many small businesses, our start-up was rocky and risky and took the passion and perseverance of leaders within the local cooperative community to make the second effort to open a store a success. Food co-ops are the lovable underdogs of the grocery industry, and we embody the power of a determined community. It took thousands of Southern Oregon visionaries – like you – to make our cooperative a success, and we depend on each of you to keep it going, each and every day.

In August 2011, Medford’s only community-owned grocery store dedicated to organic and natural products opened its doors. That’s more than 10 incredible years of cooperation, community, and good food.

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