Jharkhand Co-operative Milk Federation


Medha Dairy is an integral part of the Jharkhand Milk Federation. In March 2014, JMF joined hands with National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) to extend the developmental spirit of the dairy development programme in the state of Jharkhand. Since then, they have successfully impacted the lives of thousands of people of the state. They have taught the farmers a dairy-boosted way of life that benefits all stakeholders including themselves in one way or the other.

Jharkhand State Milk Federation (JMF) implemented various dairy development programme in the State for a period of five years. Subsequently, NDDB took over the existing Government Dairy at Ormanjhi in August 2014 and two other dairies at Deoghar and Koderma in September 2014. In April 2014, NDDB further took over the management of JMF which included milk procurement, processing and marketing activities. NDDB also agreed to lend its brand “Mother Dairy” – which is renowned for its high-quality milk and milk products in the country – to support local brand “Medha”. It not only helped the brand to get established but also enable it capture a reasonable share of the Jharkhand Milk market.

It is due to the consistent support that Medha receives, it is able to provide 1 lac litres of milk every day. They are thankful to and proud of the people they are associated with in this journey. They find it extremely delighting to be able to touch and enrich so many lives at the same time.

Their core philosophy at Medha is to stay true to their roots, i.e., Jharkhand. The brand tagline also aims at capturing the same essence – HarboondmeinSehat, Harboondmein Jharkhand.

They are committed to serve the people of the state with the best quality, hygienic, unadulterated milk which contributes to the development of a healthy and strong people.

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