New Vision

With roots reaching back to 1901, New Vision Co-op Serves more than 2,000 member owners in southwest Minnesota, northwest lowa and eastern South Dakota from 18 location. Founded by farmers and based member ownership, our primary focus has always been the success of our farmers.

New Vision COOP’s roots can be tracked back to the early 1900s to our predecessor cooperatives.

These early cooperatives were capitalized by selling stock in order to secure financing to purchase the privately- owned elevator. They handled coal, twine, oats, barley, wheat, rye, flax, shell corn, ear corn, timothy, mustard, wool, buckwheat and made feed in their early days.

“New Vision Co-op is a progressive, ethical cooperative providing quality goods and services and innovative technologies, with the vision to remain financially strong, competitive in the marketplace and committed to its members’ success.”

New Vision CO-OP’S directors, management and employees continue to focus on customer service, providing modern technology and facilities that improve farmers efficiency and profitability.

Throughout New Vision’s history, our members have transitioned from horsepower to diesel power, candlelight to LED, party lines to Smart phones, haystacks to Triple Stack, disc markers to GPS and encyclopedias to the Internet. The application of technology in every facet of agriculture has advanced productivity. All of this requires capital to purchase the latest equipment, computers and software and provide employee training to capture value.

New Vision’s values drive how we conduct business every day:

Safety – Maintaining an environment that promotes the health and well-being of our employees and customers.
Integrity – Always do the right thing.
Unity – Working together as a team to produce effective results.
Ownership – Holding each other accountable and being proud to share our purpose.
Progressive – Providing innovative strategies and solutions for our stakeholders.
Community – Having a positive impact in the areas where we live and serve.

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