New Orleans Food Cooperative

New Orleans Food Co-op provides access to healthy food at a fair price; Is a center of community activity; Promotes local and regional food production; Keeps capital and jobs in our community; Practices environmental responsibility and sustainability; Reflects our unique and diverse community.

In the late Summer of 2002 a few people began meeting to talk about opening a co-op grocery store in New Orleans. A handful of us met regularly in cafes to share ideas, and also to discuss research we were doing about how to start a co-op. We found a lot of useful information on the internet and from other co-ops around the country. We quickly decided to hold a general meeting and advertise this by posting flyers all over New Orleans.

The first meeting was held in November, 2002. There were 22 people present at that meeting. All the people at the meeting shared the common goal of opening a cooperative grocery store in New Orleans. There were many reasons the people in attendance wanted a food co-op. These reasons included affordable groceries, support of local and regional producers, supporting our local economy, access to organic and healthy foods, and opening a grocery that was environmentally responsible. It was also very important to these people that this store was cooperatively owned, and that ownership was open to everyone

Today, in our 6th year of operation, we’ve grown from that first meeting of 22 people to a vital membership of over 4,000 people.  We generate over 2.5 million dollars a year in sales, a lot of those sales dollars go directly to local vendors and farmers.  We employ nearly 20 people from the local community and look forward to creating more jobs as we grow.  We are proud of our grassroots beginnings and look forward to many years of serving our ownership and the people of New Orleans.

Our ENDS Statements:

The New Orleans Food Co-op exists so that we have a healthy and thriving community. Because of all we do:

  • Our community, regardless of income has access to healthy food.
  • Regional farmers and producers are linked in a relationship with consumers.
  • The diversity of our community is represented.
  • Economically and environmentally sustainable practices are supported.
  • Our community understands the cooperative model and experiences its economic and social value.
  • Community members, staff, and owners have a sense of pride, belonging, and fellowship in their cooperative.
  • Our community is knowledgeable about healthy eating and how their food is produced.

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