Putney Food Co-op


The Putney Food Co-op is a community-owned marketplace and delicatessen offering a diverse selection of quality products, located in Putney, Vermont USA.

We highlight our commitment to natural and organic foods, fresh and local organic produce, organic and humanely raised local meats, poultry, eggs and Vermont dairy products as well as our fresh and frozen seafood, environmentally responsible cleaning supplies and paper goods, health and body care products, herbal and homeopathic supplements and remedies, gourmet cheese from Vermont, New England and around the world, bulk nuts, grains baking supplies, teas, spices and more! We also specialize in fair-trade coffee, tea, chocolate and bananas, micro-brewed beer and hand selected wines, hearty sandwiches made to order from our Deli, soup, salad and hot food bar every day, as well as gluten-free selections in every aisle.

The Putney Food Co-op was founded in 1941 when fuel shortages due to World War II made it hard to obtain certain grocery items. To procure the needed supplies, a group of Putney citizens led by Carol Brown formed the Putney Food Co-op according to the Cooperative Principles. The cash raised from selling member shares was used to rent a storefront (purchased in 1944), obtain goods, and hire staff members.

The global Cooperative Community has more than 1 billion members, representing 12% of the world’s employed population. All Cooperatives verify their identity when selecting a .coop web address.

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