Café Rekommenderas

Café Rekommenderas is a chain of work-integrating social enterprises (ASF), we exist to create jobs for those who have none. Café Rekommenderas is a non-profit labour cooperative company.
We have a social franchising concept together owned by Café Rekommenderas in Sweden, where we are all members. A smart way to work together, we think.

We are Fair Trade Cafés that are run as social enterprises, we thus create opportunities for jobs for people with work disabilities. It can be said that it is fair in a double sense as it both benefits producers in the South and creates work in Sweden. What is served in our cafés is Fair Trade, organic and locally produced to the extent possible.

Fair Trade aims to improve the conditions of those who produce the goods we consume. Many producers have limited resources and difficulty asserting themselves on the world market. In order to sell their products, they are forced to push down prices, lower the requirements for working conditions and sell through several intermediaries who take a large part of the profit. As a result, many are not paid enough for their work and thus unable to support themselves and their families or develop their local communities.

10 principles of Fair Trade according to the WFTO
The following 10 principles shall be followed to the best of our ability by all member organizations within the WFTO.

*Create opportunities for marginalized producers by supporting the poorest producer groups.
*Openness in the organization’s structure and in all activities as well as a developing dialogue between all actors in Fair Trade regarding products and marketing.
*Capacity building – support for product development, exports and market access for producers.
*Disseminating information, educating and conducting campaigns to educate and enlighten about Fair Trade.
*Payment of a fair price to producers.
*Equality, no discrimination and the right to collective organization.
*Good working conditions – ensure that producers work in a healthy and safe environment.
*No exploitation of children at work – ensure that the UN Convention on the Rights of the child is complied with.
*Environment – actively work to make operations and production more environmentally friendly.
*Long-term trade relations based on solidarity, trust and mutual respect that contribute to the support and growth of Fair Trade

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