The Scottish Midland Co-operative Society, trading as Scotmid Co-operative, is an independent retail consumers’ co-operative that originated in the Central Belt, particularly Edinburgh and the Lothians. It was formed in 1981 by a merger of the Dalziel Co-operative Society of Motherwell with the larger St. Cuthbert’s Co-operative Society, which had been established in 1859.

With over 3,900 staff, the co-operative has 177 Scotmid supermarkets and convenience stores, nine Lakes & Dales convenience stores, 17 funeral offices, and 89 Semichem health and beauty shops throughout Scotland, Northern Ireland and northern England.

Like most other retail consumers’ co-operatives in the UK, Scotmid is incorporated as a registered society.

In the year to 26 January 2019, Scotmid Co-op recorded turnover of £377.9m (£373.7m 2017/18) and a surplus or profit after tax of £4.5m (2017/18: £5.5m). The Society also had net debt of £29.4m (£32.7m 2017/18) including a £37m bank loan (£39m 2017/18). Scotmid also reported a £19.2m (£19.3m 2017/18) pension deficit. The Society’s membership was 155,343 down from 268,125 in 2017/18. No share of the profits bonus was declared for members by the Board during the year. The Society operates a share option plan for all employees

Scotmid has a committee style governance structure, similar to The Co-operative Group prior to its own major governance reforms. Scotmid Board Directors are nominated by Regional Committee members and elected by members from the Regions they represent (if these positions are contested).

Scotmid are also a user of the global Cooperative Marque.

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