Solstice Cooperative

Solstice is a generalist activities and jobs cooperative where a great diversity of profiles and activities come together. Three major sectors dominate their approach:

  • Consulting and training
  • Business service
  • Service to individuals

Solstice’s business revolves around three main Missions carried out by a team of nine people, dedicated to services for entrepreneurs, for the management and development of activities and employment:

  • The Administration Mission – requirements for entrepreneurs’ activities
  • The Support Mission – for the development of entrepreneurs’ activities
  • The Animation Mission – for the network of entrepreneurs

Twenty years ago, activity cooperatives took their first steps in the Rhône-Alpes. Fifteen years ago, Solstice and Pollen took their first steps in Drôme and Ardèche. Since then, Solstice has made its way by actively participating in the creation of Copéa , by supporting the creation of Cabestan and Natura Scop.

Solstice participated in all the collective actions launched by Copéa , such as Louty , the training of accompanying persons or the effective writing of the ESS law and its implementing decree. Necessary for the legal recognition of our particular form of cooperative, this law and this decree define the reference legal framework of an activity and employment cooperative (CAE) and the status of associate salaried entrepreneur (ESA) of a CAE. Recognized, CAEs are secure. This framework allows us to be in an easier relationship with the administrations and partners, and set us rules and constraints.

Entrepreneurship in CAE means above all joining a  shared company and joining a collective of entrepreneurs who pool services intended to promote the development and management of their activities. Solstice CAE brings together and legally hosts multiple economic activities , carried out by associate salaried entrepreneurs who exercise their profession in complete autonomy and assume full economic responsibility.  The status of associate salaried entrepreneur , offered only in CAE, combines the freedom of the self-employed status with the security of the employee status. Solstice CAE is a network, a place of learning, training and exchange, in which entrepreneurs benefit from personalized support .

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