Spazio Famiglia

Spazio Famiglia is a cooperative society that operates in Amelia in the province of Terni in the field of disabilities, proposing both a space dedicated to housing, the Housing Community, and a Day Centre affiliated with the USL Umbria 2, where numerous workshops of creative and educational activities are held oriented to a real social and professional inclusion.

October 2013 the cooperative was born, the result of the enthusiasm of a group of young professionals in the social sector with a strong passion for the treatment of disabilities.
Spazio Famiglia is an idea that comes from the mind and heart of a group of people who directly know the universe of disability and has been structured on the need of many families in the province of Terni to be able to hope for a peaceful future for their children.

Spazio Famiglia is a revolutionary project and responds to a real circular business model. Our activities, in fact, do not end within the housing community in which our children live and share afternoon and night spaces and times. We aim for the inclusion of each of them.
It is a protected environment in which children can develop their identity and find the support to open up to the outside. The 24-hour presence of health workers and educators guarantees qualified all-round assistance. The projects of the operational team promote an individualized educational intervention, which respects the characteristics, potential, participation, and difficulties of each guest.

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