Stevia Hellas

At Stevia Hellas Coop we believe in Cooperation, Sustainability & Commitment. Together we grow better products and evolve faster. Our overall goal is to ensure long-term success with both environmental and social benefits. Therefore, the development of the cooperative is multi-dimensional based on three pillars:
environment – economy – society

Our mission has always been to seek the potential of our lands and our people and be an active part of rural area development . We employ several seasonal and permanent staff each year helping the economical development of Central Greece. Our coop is a motivation for young farmers and new start-ups to take action and improve their quality of life despite the current challenging economical conditions.

Stevia Hellas is a values-driven cooperative, dedicated to sustainable growth.

We  preserve  our coops’ economic growth with respect to:  

• Our People

• Our Cooperative

• Sustainability

• Protection Of The Environment

By consistently delivering the ingredients of success for food, health and pharmaceutical solutions, we will be the partner of choice to our clients worldwide. Our commitment is to provide best quality materials for industries & top end-products for the retail/wholesale market and consumers. Our 100% European products meet high quality standards with stable taste and quality that fulfil the unique needs of Food & Beverage industries all over the world. We are a values-driven team of people who are making the right ethical choices in producing, sourcing and preparing food ingredients that can make positive social, economic and ecological impacts. We help industries to grow better products and consumers to live a balanced and healthy life. Improving food quality has an immediate effect on overall sustainability.

About Cooperatives and .coop
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