Elevate your Cooperative Identity

There are many ways to use a .COOP domain 

  • As the address for your primary website, .coop gives you the best possible chance of having just the name you want for your organisation. It’s also the easiest way for people to find you online.
  • Use additional .coop domains for web properties like landing pages, newsletters, a partner portal, blogs etc.
  • Using .coop email addresses for communications immediately identifies you and your colleagues as members of a Cooperative.
  • If you have an existing site with another domain, begin using both domains to address your website. Either forward your .coop domain name to it or use a domain “A” record to have your new .coop domain also address your website.
  • Point your .coop domain to a specific section on your existing website as a useful shortcut.
  • Take advantage of being a ‘verified’ domain and remind the world that your .coop domain confirms you as a member of the trusted global Cooperative community

To raise your Cooperative profile, get in touch with one of our authorized resellers. They’ll be very happy to help you make the most of your .coop domain.

Where to register .COOP