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Co-op Energy is the alternative choice in the energy market, providing good value, simplicity and transparency. We are committed to offering our customers fair energy prices and source our energy from local suppliers all over.

When choosing Co-op Energy, you can trust that we will produce 100% renewable energy from small-scale, community solar, wind, and hydro farms. Our customers also have the option of choosing our Community Power Tariff – the only tariff in the UK which is powered solely by 100% renewable energy from small scale community solar, wind, and hydro farms across the UK. the

We believe in Community Power. Community Power energy is becoming increasingly more popular as our society moves towards a greener way of life. Local community action groups across the UK tend to involved with projects that promote green and sustainable living. These projects range from fitting new solar panels across communities to investing and organizing the production of new wind. There are so many reasons why this type of power production is key to paving the way for a greener and brighter future. Not just for our communities but for ourselves, our families and the future of the planet. Our Community Power tariff works directly with renewable energy sources like these, which mean that as a customer you have peace of mind knowing there is full transparency over your sustainability choice, as well as knowing that the money you spend for your service.

A greener future is in your hands!

About Cooperatives and .coop
The global Cooperative community has more than 1 billion members, representing 12% of the world’s employed population. All Cooperatives verify their identity when selecting a .coop web address. Your unique business identity is recognized online with a .coop domain name – your digital brand – a brand known for its economic advantages to its community, consumers, and members.

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