If you’re a U.S. or Canadian credit union, you now can register the .creditunion top-level domain for your website.

This new domain is a sure way to make your credit union stand out from other financial institutions – pointing to good sources of information for credit union members nationwide.

  • .creditunion is the only domain reserved for credit unions, an important sector of the global cooperative network. The .creditunion domain registry is managed by DotCooperation LLC.
  • The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) recognized .creditunion as the Credit Union movement’s internet domain in 2015, which was pioneered and launched by the Credit Union National Association (CUNA).
  • DotCooperation LLC acquired the top-level domain in September 2020, recognizing its importance within the larger, global Cooperative network.
  • .creditunion domain name registrants require verification. The eligibility and verification policies are defined by the DotCooperation LLC. Learn more about .coop eligibility and the verification policies.

Why use a .CREDITUNION domain?

  • At a glance, your customers, members, and employees know they are on the site of not just any bank – but a verified credit union.
  • Benefit from immediate visual recognition within search engine results.
  • Using .creditunion email addresses for communications immediately identifies you and your colleagues as members of a credit union.
  • If you have an existing credit union website with another domain, begin using both domains to address your website.
  • In the world of money, security is top priority. With a registrar’s security add-on services of DMARC, DNSSEC and SSL certificates, your email and website will have enhanced levels of protection.​
  • Not just anyone can pass our domain name verification process – your members and the public can rest assured you are who you say you are. An authentic credit union.​
  • Without any other fact about your organisation, a person can identify your business from your URL alone. With your trust in your business already secured, you can focus on your priority, providing top quality financial services.​