The .COOP domain

Our goal is to support the global movement by helping Cooperatives identify themselves online through the distinctive .coop domain.

  • .coop is the only domain reserved for cooperatives and Cooperative organizations. The .coop domain registry is managed by DotCooperation LLC. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) recognised .coop as the Cooperative movement’s internet domain in 2002.
  • For global organizations representing entire sectors or groups of cooperatives, approximately 55 domain names were set aside as premium domain names, ideally suited for these organizations to communicate their global initiatives. 
  • .coop domain name registrants require verification. The eligibility and verification policies are defined by the .coop Registry. Learn more about .coop eligibility and the verification.
  • DotCooperation LLC is jointly owned by the National Cooperative Business Association (NCBA CLUSA) and The International Cooperative Alliance (ICA), non-profit organisations charged with developing the global Cooperative movement.

Amplify Your Values

Willy Street Co-op of Madison, Wisconsin USA wanted a domain name that would reflect its values and operating principles. The cooperative grocery was founded in 1974 and started a web presence when TLD choices were slim. When .COOP appeared, the choice to jump on it was clear. “We’re interested in setting ourselves apart from typical businesses, and wanted to highlight that we’re a different kind of business than a .COM would be,” said Brendon Smith, Willy Street Co-op communications director. “Being now is pretty great.”

To raise your Cooperative profile, get in touch with one of our authorized retailers. They’ll be very happy to help you make the most of your .coop domain.

Where to register .coop