Let’s build value in our partnership

We have common goals, to promote and support the cooperative community. We would like to place a buy link to a local registrar landing page on your Apex website main page. This will enable cooperatives in the area to easily get a local pricing and support for the domain.

We will help run promotional campaigns for the .coop domain. With a promo code, we can offer selected deals and packages for those that are part of your Apex. We can run promotional campaigns for your members. We can also extend this offer to Cooperative Development Agencies that you work with. The bigger the community of members that are interested, the bigger the deal we can offer.

Additional support

We run a Cooperative Stories program to build awareness and to raise the profile and identity of your co-op members. We can create and promote these stories about your members. We provide webinars on building cooperative brand, technical assistance, and other virtual training in online cooperative business.

Every organization that registers a .coop domain name gets added to our Global .COOP Directory and Map, building awareness and yet another way to be discovered by the public and other cooperatives.Steps to get started:

Steps to getting started:

  • Add a link to register a .coop domain name to your website – we will match you with a local domain registrar for sales and support.
  • (optional) Add a page to your website with an overview of our identity tools for cooperatives. View a sample page. For non-English speaking countries, view the ready-for-tanslation sample page.
  • Begin making use of the benefits and additional support of our Apex and Primary Cooperative Co-marketing program.

Current deals from .coop registrars, for Apex organizations:

With our SimplyStart Program, we work with our global registrar/retail network to identify or develop promotional programs that address the needs of cooperatives with new online projects. Visit our SimplyStart page for information on current promotional deals.
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View the video of the Apex and Primary Cooperative Co-Marketing program.

View and share a summary of the Apex and Primary Cooperative Co-Marketing program. Click to view the summary document.

Some of Our Partners

North America

  • Cooperative Development Institute (Northeast Region)
  • Cooperatives and Mutuals Canada
  • DCStakeholders Group
  • CrowdWork Cooperative
  • Indiana Cooperative Development Center
  • Keystone Development Centre
  • Northwest Cooperative Development Center
  • Quebec Council for Cooperation and Mutuality
  • United States Federation of Worker Cooperatives

Latin America/Caribbean


  • Cooperatives Treball (Spain)
  • Diciannove (Italy)
  • Kappa Network (Greece)



  • Business Council of Cooperatives and Mutuals (Australia)
  • MASS SPECC (Philippines)
  • NATCCO Network (Philippines)