Elevate your cooperative identity and community leadership with a .COOP domain name.

Your .COOP domain name represents your organization’s commitment to solving community challenges and demonstrating community leadership through cooperative values of self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, sustainability, and solidarity.
It signifies that your organization has been verified as a cooperative or cooperative support organization.



.COOP is a restricted top level domain (TLD) that is only open for registration to cooperatives and other relevant support organizations meeting the .coop eligibility criteria. The aim of DotCooperation LLC (DCLLC) is to provide a namespace to the Global Cooperative Movement.

The following are the primary criteria for determining eligibility for a .coop domain name.

(COOP) The organization is a democratically controlled member owned cooperative, consistent with the International 7 Cooperative Principles; or

(CA) Is an Association comprised of cooperatives; or

(CC) Is an Organization that is majority controlled by a Cooperative; or

(CS) Is an Entity with an operation or practice area principally dedicated to serving Cooperatives.

The .COOP Registry conducts audits of .COOP domain registrations and reserves the right to cancel or modify a domain name in accordance with their policies. Refer to the Verification Policy to learn about how the audits are conducted.

Every organization that registers a .coop domain name gets added to the .COOP Global Directory and Map, building awareness and yet another way to be discovered by the public and other cooperatives.