SimplyStart Program

As a cooperative startup, you have the opportunity to embrace the cooperative model and take advantage of its local and global support structure – to equip your newly forming cooperative with the tools to conduct business and become more efficient as a cooperative.

Whether you are a startup cooperative, or just getting started with a .coop domain name, we offer many benefits to propel your organization forward (benefits not found with other domain name extensions, such as .com, etc.).

What do we offer with a .coop domain name?

  1. Immediate recognition as a cooperative. Register your .coop domain name. Using a .coop domain name labels your organization as a cooperative on the internet. The simplest and most direct way to claim your cooperative identity and stand out online from non-cooperatives competing for attention.
  2. Greater visibility through our .COOP Global Directory & Map. Get on the map and be found, find and connect with other cooperatives.
  3. Use of the Cooperative Marque logo to display your mark of excellence as a cooperative organization.
  4. Access to the Digital Empowerment Learning Hub for tips and best practices for managing your digital transformation.
  5. Access to the COOP Stories program to publish your organization’s story, and have it promoted in our social media campaigns.
  6. A discounted website package – we partner with our global network of domain retail organizations to provide online tools for cooperatives to meet and operate without the need for physical, in-person gatherings. Services including website, payment/fundraising services, member communications tools, community schedule/calendar. See below for the current deals from .coop registrars.

The importance of starting with a .coop domain name when creating your first website

  • It takes time to develop good search engine rankings for a website. A .coop domain in your search engine results provides a visual identifier that you are a Cooperative. Invest early in the right domain name, build your digital brand from day one as a Cooperative and your SEO optimization efforts will attach to that .coop domain name.
  • Empirical evidence indicates that a .coop domain name shown with each of the search results aids in the recognition of an organization as a cooperative, visually standing out from the search result summary.

Current deals from .coop registrars: