SimplyStart Program for .COOP Domains

As a cooperative startup, you have the opportunity to embrace the cooperative model and take advantage of its local and global support structure – to equip your newly forming cooperative with the tools to conduct business and become more efficient as a cooperative. 

What do we offer startup cooperatives?

  • Immediate recognition as a cooperative – register your .coop domain name and establish your digital brand uniquely as a cooperative, the simplest and most direct way of asserting your competitive advantage over other types organizations vying for attention.
  • Get listed in our .COOP Global Directory & Map. Get on the map and be found, find and connect with other cooperatives.
  • Get access to the Cooperative Marque logo to display your mark of excellence as a cooperative organization.
  • A discounted website package – we partner with our global network of domain retail organizations, who can provide the needed online platform for cooperative services – to meet and operate without the need for physical, in-person gatherings. Services including website, payment/fundraising services, member communications tools, community schedule/calendar. See below for the current deals from .coop registrars.
  • Get tips and best practices for managing your digital transformation with our Digital Empowerment Learning Hub.
  • Submit your organization’s story to our COOP Stories program and its social media campaigns.

The importance of starting with a .coop domain name when creating your first website

  • It takes time to develop good search engine rankings for a website. A .coop domain in your search engine results provides a visual identifier that you are a Cooperative. Invest early in the right domain name, build your digital brand from day one as a Cooperative and your SEO optimization efforts will attach to that .coop domain name.
  • Empirical evidence indicates that a .coop domain name shown with each of the search results aids in the recognition of an organization as a cooperative, visually standing out from the search result summary.

Current deals from .coop registrars: