About our COOP Verification Services

Tell the world your organization has been verified as a cooperative or cooperative support organization. Register your .COOP domain name to get verified and begin to receive the benefits of verification – which include access to the global COOP Marque (logo), a presence in the COOP Global Directory & Map, and an opportunity to have your cooperative’s story published and promoted in .COOP Stories and social media campaign. 

DotCooperation is the operator of the .COOP domain name registry and manages the COOP Marque, COOP Global Directory & Map, and COOP Stories – on behalf of the global cooperative movement. Every .COOP domain user is verified individually and periodically audited. DotCooperation has developed its Eligibility and Verification Policies according to the International Cooperative Alliance’s Statement of Cooperative Identity. Moreover, DotCooperation coordinates the verification of each .COOP and marque registrant by involving the international cooperative community (through the International Cooperative Alliance and its membership structure). 

Unlike other domain namespaces that are open to anyone, .COOP is exclusive to cooperative organizations and is a credential of leadership incorporating values of self-help, social responsibility, democracy, openness, equity, equality and sustainability. It is an indicator of solidarity among the participants in the Cooperative Ecosystem.


Why Get Verified?

Getting your cooperative organization verified and build the benefits to your community and stakeholders:

Credibility and Trust

Authenticity verification establishes your cooperative as a legitimate and credible entity. It assures members, customers, partners, and stakeholders that your cooperative operates according to cooperative principles and values.

Clear Differentiation

Verification provides a clear and recognizable symbol of authenticity. This distinct marker sets your cooperative apart from other business models and reinforces your commitment to cooperative ideals.

Enhanced Stakeholder Confidence

Verification boosts the confidence of stakeholders, such as members, customers, and investors. They can trust that your cooperative’s operations and intentions align with the cooperative model’s principles.

Access to Resources

Verified authenticity may grant your cooperative access to exclusive resources, networks, or opportunities available only to cooperatives that have undergone a verification process. This includes:

  • Having your cooperative organization showcased in the .COOP Global Directory & Map, to connect or engage with other co-ops and to be more visible to the public.
  • Access to a .COOP domain name for your organization’s website and emails.
  • An opportunity to be published in the .COOP Stories program, a multi-organizational project that promotes cooperatives around the globe.

Visibility and Advocacy

A verified status could increase your cooperative’s visibility within the cooperative movement and related advocacy efforts. Being associated with a recognized verification service strengthens your cooperative’s position in industry discussions, policy advocacy, and collaborative initiatives.


Verification Categories

When an organization chooses to show its alignment to the Cooperative Values and Principles, to harness its Cooperative Identity, they register and use the .COOP domain and the COOP Marque.  Our verification services confirm the authenticity and type of the organization – and assigns it to one of four different categories: 

COOP – The organization is a democratically controlled, member-owned cooperative, consistent with the International 7 Cooperative Principles
CA – An Association comprised of cooperatives
CC – An Organization that is majority controlled by a Cooperative
CS – An Entity with an operation or practice area principally dedicated to serving Cooperatives.

To learn more about how organizations can present proof for these four categories, please review our Verification Policy.

See who is part of this global network of leaders in the .COOP Global Directory and Map, and learn more about their mission in .COOP Stories.


Getting Started

Our Verification Services are combined with .COOP domain registration services for ease of access around the globe, across many time zones. It is easy to register a .COOP domain name and become verified. Start your .COOP domain name registration with your domain name registrar. We will then get in touch with you to complete the verification steps. Your .COOP domain name becomes your official cooperative credential.

For more information on requirements to pass our cooperative verification, read our Verification Policy.


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