The COOP Marque

The International Cooperative Alliance has developed a global identity for the co-op movement. The Cooperative Marque.

When you register a .COOP domain name, your domain name verification also makes you eligible to receive the global Cooperative Marque from us.

The Cooperative Marque is used by co-ops around the world as a visual logo in support the co-operative movement. It is used as a cooperative community badge, alongside your own brand identity. The Marque can be used on your mobile app, website, newsletters, email signature, publications, promotions, packaging, merchandise and signage.

 The Marque toolkit includes:

  • The Cooperative Marque usage guidelines
  • Downloadable digital assets – the marque and key messages

There are many ways to use the COOP Marque

  • Within the content of your websites or Apps
  • In your newsletters and all of your publications
  • As a graphic badge in your email signature, to reinfoce your identity
  • On your merchandise and its signage
  • Take advantage of being a ‘verified’ domain and remind the world that your .coop domain confirms you as a member of the trusted global Cooperative community

Get the Marque files