The Cooperative Identity Tools

DotCooperation provides identity tools to assert your cooperative identity. Asserting your cooperative identity is important for several reasons, as it helps reinforce the unique characteristics and distinct advantages of your organization. Cooperatives are a specific type of business model that is built on principles of collaboration, shared ownership, and democratic decision-making.

Confirming your Cooperative Identity starts with the registration of a .COOP or .CREDITUNION domain name, which includes our Cooperative Verification Service. Once verified and your domain name registered, you get listed in the COOP Global Directory & Map, and have access to the COOP Marque logo. Together these services make up your important Cooperative Identity tools.

Using the cooperative identity tools such as the .COOP domain and the COOP Global Directory & Map is important for cooperatives to establish a strong and consistent online presence that aligns with their cooperative identity. These tools offer specific benefits that reinforce the cooperative identity and contribute to the cooperative movement’s visibility.

Here’s why using the Cooperative Identity tools such as the .COOP domain and the COOP Global Directory and Map is both significant and vital:


Authenticity and Trust

The .COOP domain and the COOP Global Directory and Map immediately communicate to the public that the organization is a genuine cooperative. This authenticity builds trust among customers, members, and stakeholders, reinforcing the cooperative’s commitment to its values and principles.

Community Building

Utilizing the .COOP domain and the COOP Global Directory and Map connects cooperatives to a global community of like-minded organizations. This network provides opportunities for collaboration, learning, and sharing best practices, ultimately strengthening the cooperative movement worldwide.

Visibility and Member Engagement

The COOP Global Directory and Map enhance a cooperative’s visibility by showcasing its products, services, and initiatives to a wider audience. This increased visibility can attract potential customers, partners, investors, and supporters who align with the cooperative’s values.

Global Networking

Cooperatives using these tools become part of a global cooperative community. The .COOP domain and the .coop global directory and map facilitate networking, collaboration, and knowledge sharing among cooperatives around the world, expanding opportunities for growth and learning.

Distinctive Branding

These tools provide a unique and recognizable branding that sets cooperatives apart from other businesses. The .COOP domain and the COOP Global Directory and Map establish a consistent visual and informational identity that clearly represents the cooperative’s purpose and mission.


The cooperative identity tools offer recognition, credibility, community-building, visibility, and advocacy support, all while promoting cooperative principles and contributing to the cooperative movement’s global impact.


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