Co-ops Connect

Co-ops Connect is a membership directory and map for National Apex Coop organizations, Sectoral and Regional Cooperative Associations, as well as cooperatives with large member databases. It unites their members and offers them new ways to connect and share their experiences with each other. Strengthen your members’ adoption and support of Principle 6: Cooperation among Cooperatives, by offering your own directory and map.


With Co-ops Connect, your directory of members are displayed on a map, making them easy to promote to the public and locate. View Co-ops Connect from your smartphone and find a cooperative nearby.

The search features include:

  • Search by the name of the cooperative, and the map will zoom in on their location for you.
  • Search for a cooperative by sector. Interested in retail cooperatives near you? Co-ops Connect will show you the list and their location on the map.
  • Search by member type. Looking for a worker cooperative? Looking for support organizations that are resources for cooperatives? Co-ops Connect will put them in front of you.
  • Many more search features to assist you in finding cooperatives and putting you in touch with them.


Searching the Coops UK Directory & Map

Try It!

Take a walk-though tour of the Coops UK Directory & Map to see how one Apex organization has already begun using Co-ops Connect. Once you are in the map, you can zoom in on different geographic areas, click on a pin to view that cooperative’s information, and search for cooperatives with the search feature (the arrow located in the upper left corner of the map).

Getting Started

Co-ops Connect will launch in April 2024, for you to deliver new benefits to the members of your Apex, Association, or Cooperative. In the mean time, you can begin preparing for your implementation of Co-ops Connect with our planning guidelines.


About Co-ops Connect

In early 2023, we began the development of Co-ops Connect. Our initial customers include the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA), the National Cooperative Business Association (NCBA-CLUSA), and Co-operatives UK.

The core development work for what is now Co-ops Connect dates back to 2020, when we partnered with the worker cooperative  Digital Commons Cooperative to develop our own combined directory and mapping service, the COOP Global Directory & Map, encouraging cooperatives of all shapes, sizes, and from every corner in the world to take part in building the most comprehensive digital directory of the cooperative movement.


Through Co-ops Connect, the members of Coops UK promote themselves and bring about new participation and collaboration with the Coops UK Directory & Map, dedicated to showcasing cooperatives in the United Kingdom.

View the Coops UK Map